5-Week Grades Impact Students


Kenya Perez Duran

Maywood Academy High Schoolers Laysha Garcia, Casandra Mercado, Shecid Gonzales, work on their assignments to turn them in before the report card.

Kenya Perez Duran, Journalist

The first 5-week grades are due for teachers on September 16, 2021.

Students have reported feeling anxious and stressed about their grades. 

Athletes need their grades to start playing sports again. They have reported feeling concerned because they have to have good grades in order to be able to compete or even be on a team. 

“If you have the grades to be able to play a sport, then I don’t think you have to worry much about it but if you do have bad grades from the previous year then I feel like you should pay more attention to your grades and hopefully by the 10 week report card you are able to play,” said Damaris Trigueros, a senior volleyball player at Maywood Academy High School.