Students join class on Zoom during their quarantine


Ivete Lizalde

Teachers will use cameras in classrooms for Zoom with students

Ivete Lizalde, Journalist

Students are going back home and joining classes on Zoom again during their quarantine because of Covid-19 safety protocols. According to “COVID 19 / Safe steps to safe schools”. If a student has come in contact with a Covid-19 case or received a positive on a Covid-19 test that student must stay home to quarantine.

Students who are fully vaccinated and come in contact with a confirmed case aren’t urged to stay at home but parents are to monitor their child for symptoms. Students who don’t have the vaccine must stay at home and quarantine while monitoring symptoms . After five days, the student will need a negative Covid-19 test result before returning to school. 

If a student has tested positive with or without being vaccinated, they will be escorted to a space and be picked up. The student will need a negative test result before returning to school after 10 days of quarantine, without a fever for a full 24 hours. 

During that time students are encouraged to continue going to class through Zoom again. In some cases they will need to join the class on time to be marked present and participate in all work. If the student is not well enough to work their teacher will provide lessons until they’re well enough to work. 

“I would feel a mix of emotions after getting used to in-person school again, it would feel weird going back. It would be beneficial to me and I could have a more flexible schedule, but also I wouldn’t see friends and people” said Maywood Academy High School Junior, Danny Marin.