Students in large classes are putting their lives in danger


David Moreno

Maywood Academy High School students in class during Covid-19 pandemic.

David Moreno, Journalist

Students are putting themselves in danger by returning to school in the Fall of 2021, because of the high and increasing cases of the Covid-19 delta variant, which is a new and infectious variant according to the CDC. 

For example, in Maywood Academy High School there have been at least four positive cases. 

 In one case, a student who is vaccinated was next to a person who tested positive. Since the student was vaccinated, they were not being forced to isolate even though they were in close contact with a student who had a positive case. Although the person is vaccinated, they could be asymptomatic and possibly even be a carrier of the virus, according to the CDC.  That’s how infectious the Delta Variant is.

Also, what puts students in danger is students not wearing their face masks correctly. Many students have indicated that they feel uncomfortable when other students leave their noses sticking outside their mask instead of wearing the face mask above their nose and mouth, which health officials say is the safest way to wear it.

All in all, going to school while there have been spikes of the pandemic in the middle of Fall could put many lives at risk.