All LAUSD students need vaccines


Casandra Mercado

Sticker some receive when getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

Casandra Mercado, Journalist

So far this year, in this community and this school campus, a lot of kids and adults still have not been vaccinated. 

To continue coming to school, students must receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Beginning Monday, January 10, 2022, eligible students who do not have proof of vaccination against COVID-19 will not be permitted on school campuses,” said the COVID-19 Safe Steps to Safe School page.

If a student would want to play sports, proof of the vaccine is needed.

“After October 31, 2021, your child will not be permitted to participate in in-person extracurricular activities without proof of vaccination if they qualify to receive the COVID-19 vaccine,” said COVID 19 Safe Steps to Safe School.