Skipping Breakfast in the Morning Is Bad for Students’ Bodies


Marco Ibarra

This model is used by teacher Rene Silva in his health classes.

Marco Ibarra , MAHS Journalists

In a recent interview, Rene Silva, a health teacher at Maywood Academy High School shared his thoughts about student health.

“Not consuming food correctly such as skipping breakfast could negatively affect your body and mind in the future and the present. It could cause diseases, such as anemia which is a condition in where blood does not have enough iron,” said Silva.

Food contains fiber, iron, vitamins, and minerals. According to Silva, If a student or even regular person does not consume these correctly on a daily basis the consequences could be fatal, which could even lead to death. Fiber is good for the digestive system but not enough will cause cancer.

Silva advises that even taking a banana to school could be great and nutritious for our bodies and keep us active throughout the day.

“The body needs energy, A banana is good enough: it contains potassium, Magnesium, and Vitamin B & C. All of these contain things our bodies need to be healthy,” said Silva.

if we don’t consume these we are gonna be lazy throughout the day. That also brings up another problem to this situation, skipping breakfast can affect our minds and bodies causing us to not focus in class, maybe even leading us to wanna sleep in class, Silva reminds us.

Photograph of a human anatomy model that sits on Silva’s desk. (Marco Ibarra)

 Not getting these nutrients can be very limiting to our growth in our teenage phase.     

“Students’ bodies are developing extremely quickly at this age. Not getting the nutrients and fiber your body needs can affect the growth and development that your body goes through when you’re a teenager. It’s necessary to get enough nutrients” said Silva.