Blood drive arrives at Maywood Academy


David Moreno

Students at Maywood Academy High School donated blood at the first blood drive, located at the Nighthawk Gym on November 12, 2021, with the hope of helping others and experiencing donating blood for the first time. Pictured here: Francisco Ponce

November 12, 2021, marks the day that many students took part in the blood drive located in the Nighthawk Gym. 

“It benefits the patients at the hospital, they need new blood to make them healthy,” said a staff member working at the blood drive. 

Along with the staff member the students at Maywood Academy High School also gave statements on their reasoning behind the donation. The majority of students interviewed expressed their curiosity drove them into helping someone by donating. 

“It was simple, the whole operation was something that ran smoothly and made me less anxious,” said Francisco Ponce, senior at Maywood Academy. 

“The people in the gym made me feel comfortable and made me feel safe,” said Joselin Aleman, a senior at Maywood Academy.

This marks the first time that many students experience the topic and marks a day where they donated to someone that will use that blood.