Senior Struggles


Damaris Trigueros

Leilani Nisperos Maywood College Counselor helping Briana Olaguiver Maywood Academy Senior with college applications.

Many Maywood Academy High School students struggle their senior year due to the mistakes they made during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Maywood Academy 2022 Seniors struggled more than past senior classes. Only half (50%) of Maywood Seniors interviewed were passing with C’s or higher during their junior year.

Data that has been collected from Leilani Nisperos, college counselor at Maywood Academy shows that “one-third of the class of 2022 need to take credit recovery.” 

The class of 2022 track to graduate was lower than the class of 2020-2021 track to graduate added Nisperos.

 With poor academic grades, interviewed seniors stated Nisperos helped them get back on track to graduating.

 “She had come into our English classes and showed us all the information on what we needed to get done.” said Emily Benitez, a Maywood Academy Senior.