Masks on campus

Rodjanay Exavier, journalist

An empty classroom depicting what in-person classes could look like if students continued to wear their mask incorrectly or did not wear them at all during school hours.
(Rodjanay Exavier)

Since the start of the 2021 fall semester, several students at Maywood Academy high school have tested positive for Covid-19. Students have been seen with their masks off or not worn properly. This occurs in hallways and inside the classrooms. Both students who wear their masks properly and those who don’t have agreed to speak on the topic.

¨I don’t like to have the mask on all the way because it’s hot in the classroom or even outside and it makes it hard to breathe,” said junior Mariah Miller.

 “When students are at lunch eating it’s understandable but when students are in the hallway just taking their mask off, they are just being selfish,” said junior,  Jacquelin Sandoval.  Jacquelin’s reasoning was because everyone else’s health is affected.

According to a survey of 30 juniors and seniors in a journalism class, 26 have seen students wearing their masks incorrectly. This might be contributing to Maywood Academy’s Covid-19 cases, which has resulted in many more students being sent home to quarantine.