MAHS Club Fair


Lesly Gonzalez

From Left to right: Iliana Diaz, Rigoberto Guzman, CIndy Fuentes, Jeylin Garcia and teacher Marycruz Hernandez.

Iliana Diaz, Journalist

At Maywood Academy High School, the leadership class helped set up the club fair that occurred on September 17, 2021, to inspire students to join school activities. It was a brand new experience for many of the students this year and many of them said they enjoyed it. They got to view the dozens of clubs the school set up. The goal was for each student to meet new people to be friends with so they don’t feel left out. Many teachers volunteered to sponsor, create, chauffeur, and even give leadership new club ideas.

While leadership was in a rush to create posters before the club fair, students were working together to be done in time.

¨The process of creating the posters was kind of stressful, but towards the end, it went smoothly and it seems a lot more people participated this year,¨ said a fellow student in leadership. 

During the club fair, many students were recommended to visit a club stall and try participating. While students participated they were handed out candy and many stickers that teachers brought on their own.  

In 6th period, leadership students worked on posters that they were assigned to represent their club. They began painting posters, creating designs, and even started getting creative by bringing some props or supplies that would make clubs stand out more and catch the attention of students and staff members. 

¨The club that caught my attention the most was the Anime Club due to how creative the poster was made,” said Frankie Figueroa, a senior at Maywood Academy. 

Lily Lopez, another Senior student, commented that the Gaming Club was her favorite because the poster was nicely done and the painted designs caught her attention. Photos were being taken by both Yearbook and Leadership students. 

¨The club fair went fine.¨ said Derek Montano, a Junior attending Maywood Academy and was walking around viewing the club fair.