Maywood Academy celebrates the end of the second semester with a Winter spirit week


Jacquelin Sandoval

Posters made by the Leadership class to promote next week’s spirit week

Dani Marin, Journalist

This week, December 6th – 10th, Maywood Academy High school will be having their second spirit week of the semester themed to everything holiday related. 

On Monday, students had a “Long Winter Naps” day, in which they were able to come to school in pjs to represent the coziness that this season has. 

On Tuesday, the Nighthawks brought Christmas accessories. Everything between headbands and Christmas hats was allowed in order for the students to express their Christmas spirit. 

Following that, there is going to be an ugly Christmas sweater day. “I think this is the day we are all excited for, I can’t wait to show off my favorite hand crafter ugly Christmas sweater,” said a Maywood Academy teacher.

On the fourth day of spirit week, Thursday, the school will be split into thirds. The school administration will be one group, the freshman and sophomores will be another and lastly the juniors and seniors will be the last group. Each group is associated with a specific color and they will have to come dressed in that color to show their superiority. School admin is white, 9th/10th graders are red and 11th/12th graders are green. 

Lastly, for the final day of spirit week, there will be a “Winter wonderland.” Everyone will have to come dressed in all shades of light blue with a splash of white. 

Lily, one of the seniors at Maywood Academy said “I think all of the kids are excited to show off their creativity. The leadership class really went home with this spirit week. A relaxing and creative week is exactly what we all need before finals week.”