Covid-19 testing at Maywood Academy


Nicholas Mendoza

Testing in the cafeteria

Nicholas Mendoza, journalist

Every Tuesday, Maywood Academy students and staff must take the Covid-19 test at the cafeteria. Students, teachers, and staff can be tested in the morning during BIC or at any time throughout the day before 2:17.

First, all students and teachers must wait in line to be tested at the cafeteria. Second, they must sanitize their hands. Third, Nighthawks get  ID numbers ready to show to the people who distribute their testing sample. Fourth, students and teachers get a container and wait to get called in another line. Lastly, they are handed a cotton swab by the Covid tester and instructed to swab in both nostrils for 12-15 seconds. Once that process is done they are allowed to leave, but before they walk out they must sanitize their hands and head back to class.

“Nighthawks agree that all students and teachers should be tested for Covid, it’s a simple procedure and by doing so reduce their risk of getting each other sick,” said a junior student at Maywood Academy.