Maywood Academy Cheer Team


Mariah Miller, Journalist

Earlier this school year, Maywood Academy High School had cheer tryouts to open the opportunity for new people to join. The tryouts were held on August 30th, 31st & on September 1st, and 2nd from 2:30 to 5:00 pm in the cafeteria. Here are the girls who made the cheer team. 

  • Captain: Estrella Alvarez (12th grade) 
  • Co-Captain: Ashley Garcia (11th grade) 
  • Manager: Frankie Figueroa (12th grade)
  • Perla Alvardo (12th grade)
  • Desiree Olazava ( 12th grade)
  • Ivete Lizalde (11th grade)
  • Cindy Baez (11th grade)
  • Destiny Obispo (11th grade) 
  • Desiray Talavera (11th grade)
  • Melany Alas (11th grade)
  • Allison Gomez (11th grade)
  • Yaneth Vaca (11th grade)
  • Estefania Escalante (11th grade) 
  • Alexa Sanchez (9th grade)
  • Amy Lizarraga (9th grade)
  • Reina Bustamante (9th grade) 
  • Vanessa Tivurico (9th grade)

This year, the cheer team has cheered on at least 15 home girls and boy’s basketball games and one away boy’s basketball game at MACES. They also attended a Christmas parade in Boyle Heights and walk with the marching band holding up a Maywood sign.