Another Defeat For Maywood


Aracely Castaneda

Hugo Lopez is the player that jumped the highest. His player number is 5.

Francisco Ponce, Journalist

On February 3rd, the Maywood men’s soccer varsity team,  lost against Bravo. Even though they lost, they might still go to the playoffs for Division 4. The date and location for the playoffs are unknown as of now.

Players let out their frustration over the recent loss.

“losing sucks and I hate it, I want to be able to win but we can’t win unless we work as a team,” said the senior Striker Alexandro Ruiz.

“We have a good team. It’s just we lack player chemistry and they get on our mistakes, it’s a tuff feeling because the goal is to always win but, we will bounce back and start winning,” said Hugo Lopez, a junior.

Maywood players are preparing for the playoffs.

“I think I am ready for it, we just need to improve as a team,” said Lopez..