OPINION: No Valentine’s Day Spirit Week

Mariah Miller, journalist

Valentine’s Day Spirit Week should not happen. 

The week of Valentine’s Day at Maywood Academy High School, our school had a spirit week to celebrate the holiday. For example, on Friday,  students were encouraged to show their relationship status by wearing red for taken, green for single, and yellow for it’s complicated. 

“Well me personally, I didn’t like it at all. You had to get different colors to wear to represent your relationship status, and that made me feel awkward because that’s my personal business,” a junior at Maywood Academy, Amy Garcia said. 

This spirit week shouldn’t happen because it can make many students feel lonely, and could make them sadder than they already are. Some people might have just gotten out of a relationship and are most likely trying to heal themselves and move on, but they can’t do that with a spirit week celebrating a holiday they most likely hate at the moment.

 “Well if I’m being honest, I like that I got to dress up, but the Valentine’s spirit week brought me down because I saw all these couples being happy, and me and my boyfriend had just broken up,” an anonymous student said. 

Besides my opinion, people will try to tell me we should have this spirit week because they want to celebrate their love for their partner or love in general. 

“There’s nothing with celebrating something that is natural to us. I feel like it’s a way of appreciation to those who have a partner,” a junior at Maywood Academy, Emiliano Juarez said.  

Celebrating your love for your partner is not wrong, but it’s a little inappropriate to do in school. Couples in school are being inconsiderate to people that don’t have a partner around them by not seeing how it might make them feel.

“We feel left out, while everybody else is participating in couples things,” a junior at Maywood Academy, Jan Diego said. 

Overall, I think celebrating Valentine’s day is not wrong to do, but a whole spirit week celebrating the one day is just too much and should not happen. Instead of having a day where you wear a color to determine your relationship status, it could have just been a free dress day to express how you feel about Valentine’s Day.