MAHS juniors are worried about their grades right now


Unnamed junior from MAHS gave permission to post their “F” in a physiology class.

Shecid Gonzalez, Journalist

On March 11, 2022,  juniors have said that they are worried about grades right now, especially with the 10-week cut-off for teachers to submit grades is Thursday, March 17. Colleges are going to look at students’ junior year grades which is the main reason why many students are worried about their grades at the moment. The following students were asked if they are worried about their grades right now and this is what they had to say: 

“Yes because I need to do good,” Casandra Mercado said.  

“Yes because apparently, I won’t be anything in life according to my mother,” Laysha Garcia said.

“Yes because lots of classes are stressful and I want to bring them up,” Hugo Lopez said. 

“Yes!!! Because when I’m doing work and finish I remember that I have other homework to do for other classes. Also, teachers are giving too much homework these days,” Amy Garcia said. 

“Yes because I’m failing two classes,” Marco Ibarra said.