New year, new coach for Maywood Academy girls basketball


Leslie Rodriguez-Vega

Pineda communicating with his team during halftime.

Jackie and Princess Renteria try to get the loose ball that they fumbled. While Marquez seems to have the ball at the moment. (Leslie Rodriguez-Vega)
Princess Renteria is shooting a basket against Marquez. (Leslie)

This is the first year of Maywood Academy High School’s new coach for the girls basketball team, Bani Pineda.

Pineda’s experience with basketball started in high school.

One of his motivations for coaching is to … ¨help teach students to become better students even outside of school, and be disciplined,¨ he said.

The players are learning more and improving everyday with practice, however both coach and players have struggles to overcome together.

¨Team needs to know how to communicate,¨ Pineda said.

Pineda’s own experience with basketball taught him.

¨When I was in basketball it gave me a lot of values like to be on time and be focused.¨

Maywood Academy girls basketball had a 1-9 overall record.

At least six of the players were freshman or sophomores, meaning the team will have a lot of experience next year.