The marching band’s leading era


Band members Sheriden, Jasmine, Betty, Miyali, and Molly huddled together wearing their championship jackets. Photo by Marissa Beltran

Betty Aranda and Jasmine Rivera: a well-developed friendship.
Picture taken by Mariah Miller

The marching band at Maywood Academy is finding that hard work and long practices are well worth the effort. The 2022-23 season included participation at the 36th Annual South Bay Invitational as well as gaining the title of 2022 LAUSD 1A red division champions. 

Their dedication is what earned them the championship banner and trophy. “I was there with leadership with the banner, it felt exciting. Also very, happy, never thought we’d get the banner. It was very emotional, seeing the rest of the band cheering and screaming. Also my teachers and instructor. They were very happy,” said Sheriden Tuazon, senior trombone player.

In interviews with the Daily Hawk, band members acknowledged the importance of growth and the expansion of their skills. Most of them found that they gained something outside of music and were glad they got the chance to become part of it.

“My favorite part about being in a band is being able to not only grow with yourself but with other people around you,” said Jasmine Rivera, senior Mellophone player. 

In spite of difficulty, band members have learned how to get by.

“We can agree it is stressful, time management is a big part of our lives now,” said Rivera. 

As a result of all their hard work, band has become one of the most successful programs at Maywood Academy.

Bands’ success has also earned them the notable black and blue letterman jackets which the band director, Reginald Smith, promised if they won a championship. 

“Earning those jackets has helped the students improve their self-esteem. We want to make sure that when they put it on, it gives them pride and recognition for all their hard work,” said Smith.