Maywood Academy’s undeniable win against Animo Venice


Nathaly Ochoa pitcher and senior. This game she had a 2.80 earned run average and 5 innings pitched. Photo by Marissa Beltran

Senior, Kimberly Soto awaiting to bat an incoming ball. The Nighthawk had an average of .667 batting. Photo by Leilani Gutierrez Vargas

Maywood Academy girls softball team heads into the semifinals after beating Animo Venice 19-2.

Win or lose, coach Alfredo Nava believes the team could still improve.

“I look at the mistakes, we try to fix the mistakes. Try to work on the things we need to work on. Even when we win, I do the same thing. I look at our weaknesses and try to make them better, and our strengths try to make them stronger”.