Valentine’s Day at Maywood Academy

Valentine’s Day is celebrated by Maywood Academy’s students throughout campus. One of those ways is the students being allowed to replace their usual uniform shirts with either a red, white, or pink shirt. However, students weren’t permitted to bring goods to their friends. Items such as candy bags, balloons, flowers, or any Valentine’s goods were banned for safety reasons. 


During Valentines’ week, school leadership was selling Valentine-grams to students. A student could buy a gram and choose who they would want it to be given to on the day of Valentine’s Day to show their love to that person. Students had the option of buying a fresh red, white, or pink rose attached with a small candy bag and a written note. 


On the surface, students getting married at a high school sounds silly. The after school program, Arc Leadership, hosted the Chapel Of Hearts event for the 4th year on Valentine’s Day. The event has allowed a great number of student couples and friends to get “married” by an Arc coordinator who is giving the ceremony, dressed as a priest. The girls had the choice of wearing a veil, while the boys could have worn a hat. The leadership students gave out a ring pop candy to the person that was proposed to, as another way to celebrate the idea of love. To conclude the event, the newlyweds receive a certificate with their names written on it and a polaroid for the memory. The Chapel of Hearts event always gets a good amount of participation from the students. 


Meanwhile, Ms. Gath and her students from library service decided to spread love in the school hallways a little earlier. They placed sticky notes on the walls with sweet messages written on them. As students pass by they saw messages such as:“#1 Fan”,” Peace”,”Do Good,” “Love Life”, and “Too Sweet.”