Remembering Kobe Bryant


image by Kimberly Zalapa

Students and staff members gathered together to honor the well known basketball star, Kobe Bryant, January 31st, 2020, at the quad.

After the unexpected death of Kobe Bryant, Maywood Academy High School honored his life and legacy by hosting a day to reminisce on the fallen player known as “Kobe Day,” on January 31st.

As news came in about Kobe Bryant’s passing along with eight other passengers, Maywood Academy came together to honor their legacy. Students and staff members wore their jerseys with the numbers “8” and “24” to pay homage to the legendary basketball star. Maywood journalism interviewed Kobe and Laker fans to get their opinions and their thoughts.

Remembrance of Kobe

¨I grew up watching him play…being in LA and watching…the Lakers play is something that is a part of me.¨ 

-Joel Huerta

“Grabbing that paper ball, looking at the trash can, you’re like Whooo, Kobe!!”

-Anthony Aguila 

“Reading [and] hearing that Kobe was the greatest player of all time: GOAT!”

-Matthew Reyes 

A shocking passing

“Things happen for a reason.”

-Jesus Cabrera 

“Was in shock, didn’t really believe it.”

-Jano Hernandez 

¨I didn’t believe it because it´s KOBE nobody [expected] that he would be gone¨ 

-Jonathon Guitierrez 

 “…Your first thought is that it’s from an invalid source…of course you’ll think it’s fake and once you find out it’s true its very heartbreaking for other’s”

-Armando Rubio 

Memorable Moments

¨…my favorite would be… his last game possibly because I was with my dad that day…I remember crying of happiness seeing him score 60 points in his last game¨

-Jeffrey Ramirez 

¨To me, he meant a hero and an inspiration…a start to my basketball knowledge [and] my basketball love¨

-Jeffrey Ramirez 

“This isn’t a death to me so much as it is an evolution, a transformation” 

-Kobe, February 6, 2016, thoughts on his last season as quoted in “Kobe Bryant never stopped trying to inspire” by Ramona Shelburne, as reprinted in ESPN’s Kobe Bryant, An Extraordinary Life.