Kobe VS Logo Debate


infograph by: Abraham Cuellar and Keven Hernandez-Montano

40% of 47 Maywood students and staff believe that Kobe Bryant should not be the logo of the NBA. Three Journalism members asked two survey questions about how the NBA should honor the late Kobe Bryant. We asked Kobe fans, non-Kobe fans, and people who weren’t fans of basketball.

For the straw poll, we asked yes or no questions. One was “Do you think the NBA should retire Kobe Bryant’s jersey Numbers (24/8)?” The second question was more controversial; “Do you think Kobe Bryant should be the logo of the NBA?” The result of the first question was as expected for the Journalism team with 85% of the 47 people asked saying yes to his jersey’s numbers being retired. With the second question, it was a much closer race with 60% believing Kobe Bryant  should be the logo and 40% believing he shouldn’t be the logo.   

The result of the straw poll may have seemed surprising to the people because wherever you go, you see the iconic colors, purple and gold. The colors and Kobe’s impact stretches all through LA and it’s neighboring cities like Maywood. 

Anthony Tovar, student at Maywood Academy, agrees that the NBA should retire Kobe Bryant’s jersey number. “I think that’s a good idea because he was an inspiration to not only the Laker Nation but the entire NBA community so I think it will be a good idea.”