The Trails With Forgotten Footprints


Adriana Pickens

Boots on the trail

Janet Alonso, Journalist

Janet takes a minute to enjoy the end of a hike. (Adriana Pickens)
Screaming into the horn at Echo Mountain, 2019
(Adriana Pickens)


Crystal Lake hike with the MAHS Hiking Club, 2019 (Adriana Pickens)

stopped hiking at beautiful places like Echo Mountain, Millard Canyon, and Mt. Baldy since the pandemic hit due to the fear of catching something and bringing it home to loved ones.

Hiking has been one of my favorite hobbies. Before the pandemic, I would go frequently, almost every Saturday. My routine would be to get up early in the morning and stretch. I would then head off to my new adventure up in the mountains. I would usually go with my sister and other times I would go with the school’s hiking club.

Taking the first step on to the trails was like immediately entering an arena of physical and mental challenges. This also acted as a sort of stress relief for me. Many would say, “Well how is that a stress reliever if one is self pressured to continue a difficult hike when their muscles and lungs can’t take it anymore?” For me, the stress relief is being around nature while also balancing it with my challenges of determination.

I used to really enjoy it when the weather stayed cloudy for most of the hikes. Other than just taking in the sites and the cardio workout, I additionally have enjoyed meeting new people and sometimes restoring trails. I have met many nice and funny people during hikes.

When I have gone hiking with the hiking club, we have restored trails for others, sometimes even in extreme heat or rainy and muddy days. I miss it dearly. Now during quarantine, I can’t go out and step foot on trails.

There has been some opening of trails but I choose not to go because I fear coming home with something and getting family sick. This has really affected me because I am no longer getting the exercise and the opportunity to relieve some stresses that I might have.

Hiking is a big part of my life and having to stop this activity was like a chain restricting my need of going out and exploring. I have tried to keep myself active and happy. Doing home workouts and other calming activities like painting is not the same as hiking on earth’s mountains. I hope that I can soon get back out there and leave some footprints for trails to remember.