Covid-19 World Tour


Isabel Catalan

The ShowerHeads performing at the show “Lights Out!”

Jonathan Dimas, writer

Covid-19 has been a pain in the butt, and we all know this. This pandemic has shown us that everything can change in a short time. But how about those people that are in bands or play music? When the pandemic hit, my band had to cancel performances, as the city ordered a county-wide lockdown and months long quarantine.

The first ever band practice of The ShowerHeads (Brian Catalan)
Jon’s guitar amongst the plants (Jonathan Dimas)
ShowerHeads performing with Guest Singer Juan Duenas during the “NightHawk Tour” (Isabel Catalan)

Band life is a great experience to have, especially if you are in a band with friends. 

The experience is awesome and performing in front of an audience is mind blowing. Hearing people applaud you after you finish playing a song is an incredible feeling. If you are a guitarist or play an instrument and have a solo and you nail it, it gives the feeling of being a famous musician like Slash, Tom Morello or even the great George Harrison! 

Presently my band, which is called The ShowerHeads, is at a stand still. Essentially, the coronavirus halted all our planned performances both in school and in public outside of school.

This also affected our band morale as we lost faith in the opportunity of us performing again in public due to cases rising. The short lived experience of performing is something no one or nothing can take away from us. 

I, Jonathan Dimas, the rhythm guitarist for the band, have collected what bandmates have to say on this matter.

“My morale was affected at the start of COVID mostly due to not having a drumset at home, but now my morale isn’t affected as much anymore due to practicing songs by listening to drums in the background of songs, ” said Alexis Carillo, drummer of the ShowerHeads’.

“Overall I feel the same. I have not been affected that much by the quarantine. The only thing that makes me feel a little sad is knowing that we might not go back to school and I won’t be able to see my friends again. One thing that’s helped me stay sane in quarantine is music,” said Brian Catalan, bassist and lead singer of the ShowerHeads’.

We still hope that we can perform before we graduate high school but as the time gets shorter, we see the window of opportunity getting smaller and smaller.