MAHS Winter Wonderland Events Bring Spirit


Hervin Torreblanca

Students were able to submit them self dress as there favorite Among Us characters.

Students were able to participate during quarantine by joins our virtual winter wonderland spirit week. (Hervin Torreblanca)

For many students at MAHS December 8 – 11th, 2020, were exciting dates: it was the Winter Wonderland Spirit Week! Students were able to participate in many school activities throughout the week and show school spirit through Zoom meetings. 

On Tuesday December 8, students were allowed to dress up as a character from the famous video game called “Among Us.” This video game consists of having 8 to 10 players who have to finish tasks such as fixing wires, uploading data, shooting asteroids, and swiping their name cards, all while having 1 or 2 players posing as imposters. These imposters are allowed to fake tasks in order to kill the other players throughout the game. If a player is killed and another player finds the body they are allowed to call an emergency meeting. These emergency meetings allow the players to discuss and find out who the imposter is. They are allowed to cast their votes and the player who has the most votes gets voted out, or the players are also allowed to skip their vote if they still aren’t sure who the imposter is. 

To contribute to the game activity, many students had the amazing idea to take the opportunity to use their mask and wear their hoodies backwards to try to replicate the character’s design. Some edited hats or pets offered in the game to give their picture that extra little something to make it seem like the video game characters. This goes to show the amount of imagination that our Nighthawks have! 

On Wednesday December 9, was the day for students and teachers to wear holiday colors, whether it was shirts, pants, or even pj’s. These colors emphasized that, “Tis the season to be jolly!” It was a great day to show positivity for the holiday season and illuminate MAHS’s spirit. 

On Thursday, December 10, students and teachers were allowed to submit their throwback holiday photo to the yearbook club. Not only does this help represent our school holiday cheer, but it also allows the chance to reminisce childhood memories.

On Friday, December 11, at 3:30 pm, it was the night that everyone was waiting for – the “Among Us Game Night,” hosted by leadership and the gaming club. Students from all different grades, freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors were there. There were about 40 students and staff members in the game. Some notable teachers were Ms. Hernandez the world history, leadership, and sociology teacher and Mr. Silva the health teacher. The way this activity worked was that students were assigned to a breakout room and then that break room would consist of 10 other students. Next, one student would create and start the game while the players tried to find out who was the imposter. In addition, there were still some rules you had to follow: 1. students couldn’t talk when the game started, only when a meeting was called, and 2. if the player died, under no circumstances they were allowed to talk. This activity was said to be a lot of fun since instead of typing, students were able to fully communicate through the Zoom meeting. It also gave a good opportunity to students who would otherwise be quiet to have the chance to talk to other students. The game night lasted until 5:30 pm, but of course many students wished they were able to keep playing, unfortunately all good things must come to an end.

On Friday, December 18, at 3:00pm, MAHS leadership will be hosting its annual holiday movie screening. The movie that will be shown is a very well known Christmas movie: “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.” Students will be able to participate in this activity by joining the Zoom link provided below.