The Big Move


Juan Bravo, Journalist

Juan Bravo
Juan Bravo
Juan Bravo

Quarantine has made a lot of things more miserable, especially since my family and I have been trying to move from a horrible neighborhood during the pandemic.

Back in September, my family and I were very stressed because we had been in the moving process for over a month. My parents owned a house in Huntington Park, California. We decided to sell it because of the bad neighborhood we lived in. Many altercations have prompted us to move into a safer neighborhood.

First, we moved to my grandparents’ house, which I have a love/hate relationship with. The love/hate comes from the five kids crying all day while I’m doing my work. While here, we waited for the buyer of the Huntington Park house to complete the process so our house could finally be sold. We accepted one of several options, and we waited for the process to go through so we could make the big move. 

We were happy that we could move on from the HP house! Just as we started to pack up and get on with our move, we learned that the offer fell through because the buyer messed up their credit at the last minute. The house had not sold after all.

Meanwhile our agent went on vacation making the process longer. That was not ideal for us because we had to wait longer looking for buyers when our goal was to get out ASAP.

Leaving all my friends wasn’t easy; my mom had to leave her babysitter also making things more difficult and stressful. It upsets me that we moved because of other people’s behavior.

Another offer came through and thankfully the process went smoothly. We could leave that neighborhood before we ended up getting vandalized or worse. 

Next, we tried to find an apartment to rent. Things during quarantine have changed the process of getting one. Before we would get a tour of the complex and get shown things within it. Now we had to walk to the apartment with only a map they gave us and look inside it ourselves. The property manager said “call if you have any questions” and sent us on our way. I found it to be odd but understood they have to be cautious with the pandemic.

A month later we were finally moving in, but of course, something was going wrong. We didn’t get the WI-FI password and as a student in these times that’s dangerous to our grade. The office was closed for the weekend so we couldn’t get it working until a couple days later. 

Eventually everything got situated in the end and now we are one happy family with our goal accomplished. Our happiness and hope has finally come back.