How Covid has Completely Changed Family Gatherings


Natalie Villanueva

Cake at the writer’s little sister’s birthday party before the pandemic

Natalie Villanueva, journalist

Due to Covid-19, many people have not been able to gather with their families like usual, creating family gatherings that are completely different this year. 

The pandemic has created a situation where families become distant, especially families who were really close with each other. Many people haven’t been able to spend time with their families because they want to stay safe and keep their family members safe as well. 

“I missed out on important birthdays like my niece’s and nephew’s. They turned 15 and 12. I was hoping to see them this year but the pandemic got in the way,” said Maywood Academy senior Janet Alonso. 

 Many families have had small safe gatherings during the pandemic however when they do they make sure to follow the Covid-19 guidelines, such as being six feet apart from one another, not having close contact with each other, and only having a small number of people in the gathering. 

 “I have attended some special occasions but in the safest way. My family and I wear our masks and the occasions we attend have only 20 people,” said Maywood Academy junior Alexa Martinez. 

 Gatherings are not the same anymore though: many are used to greeting their families with a hug and being all together. Gatherings are not really happening now with Covid-19 and it’s unfortunate for the families who were looking forward to those gatherings.

 “Yes , I have missed gatherings due to the global pandemic (Covid-19). One of the most recent one that we’ve missed is my nephew’s 9th birthday,” said Maywood Academy senior Jesus Lopez.

With COVID cases continuing to go up, it has caused birthday parties, quinceaneras and even weddings to be postponed. Many students have had to cancel special celebrations with their families and moved them until next year.  

“My uncle from Aguascalientes, Mexico was supposed to have his wedding this July and then was switched to December but now switched again till July, 2021,” said Maywood Academy junior Jessica Martinez De Los Santos. 

“My brother was supposed to have his wedding this December, but due to Covid-19 they switched it to next year,” said Maywood Academy junior Damaris Triggueros.

Maywood Academy Senior Hervin Torreblance tells a similar story.

“My sister was supposed to have her 15 but cuz of ‘rona we had to convince the owners to let us do it next year.”

 Family gatherings created many good memories for families. The change of gatherings has impacted many individuals who will often be with their family. 

 “I don’t have much memories with my family and I won’t have much to look at besides remembering the pandemic,” said Maywood Academy senior Leslie Hernandez.

People miss the joy of being surrounded by all their family and just having a good time with them. The pandemic has made huge turnarounds to lives and who knows when it will all go back to normal.