Many Students Lack the Motivation for Online Learning

Lizbeth Castillo Sanchez, Journalist

During the pandemic, lack of motivation is something that many are currently going through every day at any time. It’s more common for those who go to school and have to work. Other times, personal reasons may get in the way.

The first day of school is typically the day students learn who their teachers and classmates are going to be for the school year. They were used to the idea of having to introduce themselves to one another and meet new people. Now with online school and having class through a computer screen, it’s hard to do that. The first day of school wasn’t about getting to know each other and interacting with others. Instead, students were assigned work. 

“We went from introducing each other to having an essay to do for each class,” said Matthew Reyes, a senior at Maywood Academy High School.

Most students are experiencing stress and lack of motivation because of the number of assignments they receive each day. Many have a hard time learning through online school and would much rather have in-person learning.  

“I feel unmotivated when I see a lot of due dates and essays,” said Jonathan Dimas, a senior at Maywood Academy High School.

With school closing, other events and sports were also canceled. A lot of students had something that motivated them to go to school and to do better academically, something that they looked forward to every day. Whether it was sports, clubs, classes, or friends; every student had a motive of their own to go to school. 

“An event that has unmotivated me are the events at school that was canceled due to the pandemic, they were my motivation to do good in school,” said Dimas.

Now with this new way of learning students are mostly just home every day from the minute they wake up and start school to when the school day ends. Some don’t even go out a lot or at all because they are taking care of themselves and don’t want to put themselves or others at risk. Going to school in person gave the students an everyday settled routine and they had the opportunity to talk to their friends in person and go out after school. 

“I lack motivation because I get bored with the same routine every day, and nothing new is happening so I feel like a machine,” said Dimas. 

With a lack of motivation comes laziness for many people. We lack the energy necessary to do big tasks including everyday simple tasks. It’s very common with high school students especially this year because it’s easy to just stay in bed all day and not do anything. 

“It’s laziness that brings me down,” said Daniel Avila, a senior at Maywood Academy High School.

The lack of motivation that many students experience holds them back from achieving and experiencing new things. Many have the potential to do better and succeed but don’t have the motivation to do it. Avila relates.

“If I was more motivated I would be able to do a lot more things and life would be different from how it is now.”