MAHS Students Deal with Mental Health


Eleny Peral

MAHS students Melany Ochoa, Lesly Gonzalez and Eleny Peral, all juniors, having a good time with some safety precautions.

Eleny Peral, Journalist

MAHS campus before the pandemic. (Eleny Peral)

During the pandemic, Maywood Academy High School students dealt with mental health issues and had to adjust. 

 “Quarantine has changed my mental health and it was not for the better, it was definitely for the worse due to COVID,” said an 11th grader from Maywood Academy High School (MAHS).

 Students have been in very difficult positions and have experienced new emotions. 

 “During this quarantine has led me to severe depression and anxiety,” said another 11th grade MAHS student.

  All this pressure caused MAHS students to make adjustments. 

 “These months have acted as a switch to my mentality and changed, but a thing I do is wake up early to stretch and exercise and relax my mind,” said Janet Alonso an 11th grader from MAHS.

With the pandemic happening it was difficult to be able to socialize with people, but friends still managed to help. 

“My friends have helped, throughout my mental health being the worst case ever, my friends have made me happy and made me forget what is going on in my household,’’ said Melany Ochoa, a MAHS junior.

Many students would agree with her that it has been hard and many peers and students from Maywood have changed in their ideas and thoughts. 

‘’My mental health before the quarantine was very strong. I had a lot of things that would not put me down. This is an example of how not only mental health has changed as well my emotions,” Melany added.

New emotions were unlocked during this pandemic as well. One MAHS 11th grader agreed. 

“Online learning has been a reason that I’ve been getting more stress. It’s so new and confusing for me and I bet it’s affecting other students as well.”