Family Business During the Pandemic


Carlos Castillo Cano

This is one of the newest jumpers in our line up.

Diego Castillo Cano, Journalist

Let me tell you about my family business. We own a mini store and party supplies service. In the mini store, you can buy the essential things like food, toilet paper, and water. For the party supply service we do rentals like chairs, tables, jumpers, tents, and the party essentials that you need. Before the pandemic, business at the mini market was good, but the party rental service was great. While we would sell a couple of things here and there in the market, we would sell out on our rentals. 

Since the pandemic hit, it has been the opposite. The mini market has been the best it has ever been, since people need the essential items such as water, food, Clorox wipes, and hand sanitizer. On the other side, the party rentals have been the lowest they have ever been. Before, we would rent all our party equipment out. Now there has been weeks that we have not rented out a single thing. But, because the store has been so good, my dad is constantly buying merchandise to sell, and it has been great. 

This pandemic has been in a way both good and bad. Up to this day, rentals are still low but the market sales keep increasing. Finally, in the last month, the party rentals are starting to pick up again, but not quite where it was before the pandemic. 

The good thing is that the pandemic didn’t hurt us that much. Some people lost their jobs while we still have ours. That’s the good thing.