How online school has affected the way students learn

Students have made adjustments to attend online school.

Stephanie Quiroz

Students have made adjustments to attend online school.

Leticia Duran & Leslie Hernandez, Journalists

During the 2020-21 school year, Maywood area students have experienced online education and the struggles and benefits that come with it.

Those who have experienced online education have found that the environment in their physical on-campus school can sometimes be a constant distraction to their learning experience. In fact, some found online learning to be a positive experience.

“Online school has definitely changed the way I have continued learning during the pandemic. Online learning has helped me manage my time and focus more in school due to the fact that I am not distracted by other students who don’t force themselves for better,” said Stephanie Quiroz a senior from Maywood Center for Enriched Studies (MaCES).

For many students who do not like the idea of attending school in person, online education can be a more comforting experience to learn in.

“Some of the benefits that came from online learning are being able to be in a comfortable place during the pandemic that has many of us worried…” said Stephanie Quiroz.

Whereas some students found online learning to be a positive, others struggled to stay motivated especially when their main motivators are the teachers.

“The struggle for me was keeping motivation because there isn’t a teacher supervising at all times telling you to do the work,” said Hannavey Ortiz, a senior from Maywood Academy High School.

Online school has been going on since March of last year. For those who like to interact with others and be involved with their high school experience this could feel like forever, and like a pause in their life affecting how they grow as a person.

 “Online school changed my experience because it made me feel like I still have the mentality of a 16 year old when quarantine first started, and I missed out on my senior year which is a big part of growth,” said Hannavey Ortiz.

Many have found it hard to not get distracted in class when they have their phones with them, especially since there is no one there monitoring them.

“The one thing that I may struggle with is being distracted on my phone during class time and sometimes the internet doesn’t work,” said Yuying Li a Senior from Maywood Academy High School.

On the other hand, the change in educational learning from in-person to online has benefited students, making it easier for them to attend on a daily basis while staying safe.

Yuying Li added, “The benefits to online school is to help students more easily show up in their class and it keeps everyone healthy during these terrible times.”