Starting a healthy lifestyle with my family

Adrian Capilla-Bautista, Journalist

I’m going to tell you why living With Covid-19 is horrible, what my family has gone through with it,  and changes we made to avoid getting it in the future. 

Adrian Capilla-Bautista

Around December 2020, my family contracted Covid-19 leading me to get infected. I had bad symptoms for a week. I had chills, sudden fevers, no energy to move around, and a bad cough which would hurt my chest area.

To get a good night’s sleep, I would get a cough drop and I would place it into my mouth. Next, I would sleep on my sides so I wouldn’t accidentally swallow the cough drop in my sleep. It was a real pain.

My father also felt horrible while being infected with Covid-19. 

“It felt like I was going to die like I was pretty afraid to go to bed due to my lack of breath,” he said.

After I recovered, my mother told me to start eating fruits and vegetables so I could get the vitamins they contain. While eating them I did feel energized and a bit better. I also took variants of vitamin pills. Once I recovered, I recalled something that my doctor would say. Eating healthy can help you prevent getting diseases. Eating more vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, and prevent multiple types of cancer. 

Nowadays my family is taking care of ourselves better. 

“I changed up my diet a lot, by eating more greens, started juicing, and I go to Planet Fitness weekly and I intend to keep my health good for my sake and my children’s sake, ” said my mom. 

My dad also began changing his eating habits.

“Yes I did, but not too drastically. I tend to eat fast food now and then but that’s rarely. So now,  tend to cook more healthy food.”

As of today everyone in my family has been taking good care of their health ever since getting Covid-19 and I hope we will continue to stay healthy.