Ways students are staying healthy and active

Natalie Villanueva, Journalist

During these times, students have adjusted to different ways to stay healthy since the pandemic first began, whether it’s playing a sport, going to the gym, or simply eating healthier. 

Kevin Medina, a junior from Maywood Academy, enjoys healthy liquids that help give him that boost to stay active.

“Drinking healthy shakes or sometimes energy drinks to play soccer or workout,” said Kevin. 

Leslie Hernandez, a senior from Maywood Academy, agrees.

“I eat healthy

Hiking is one option to stay fit. This trail is near the Hollywood sign. (Natalie Villanueva)
Natalie Villanueva

and try to drink tons of water.”

Students have different types of motivations that inspire them to do these things so they can  stay healthy. This can be quite difficult especially around these times where most students are just stuck at home.

Jair, a senior, uses his motivation of sports to complete his goals of being healthy.

“I want to stay fit for basketball and if you look great you feel great, that’s where a lot of my motivation comes from.” 

 “To be honest when I practice soccer I get lazy sometimes but when we do warm ups it wakes me up so many of my motivation comes from exercising ,” said Medina.

Making healthy choices can be a huge benefit when trying to reach certain goals like getting fit or eating properly. Students have found positive benefits in themselves as they continue to stay healthy and active.

Medina also had thoughts on this subject. 

“Back then I used to eat a lot so me and my cousin started working out and playing soccer so yeah it has been a benefit.”

Ramirez also sees huge benefits.

“I have lost weight and want to continue to lose weight, I also feel more energetic and more motivated to continue my fitness journey.”