Students experience in-person learning

Jessica Martinez de los Sant, Journalist

During the pandemic, Maywood Academy High School (MAHS) students dealt with online learning. Coming into April of 2021, LAUSD decided to open up Maywood Academy and give students the opportunity to return to in-person learning, but with the condition of being in their homeroom all day, and still doing Zoom from a computer. 

Students were asked about being back at school with Covid-19 still being a thing.

“A little risky but better for me. I concentrate better and like it better than home,” said Nestor Prado, a MAHS freshman.

“I actually feel pretty good going back and I have been more focused on my work since I first went back,” said an anonymous sophomore from MAHS.

Within the transition of students going back to school, online students got their schedule changed and some people were confused as to why.

“I think the schedule is fine and I thought it was dumb at first until I realize why they wanted us to stay in one class and not want us to get too crowded during passing periods,” said the same anonymous sophomore. 

“…definitely should try and let us go to all of our classes in person but the schedule is ok with me but just a little boring coming to school and still have to do Zoom on campus,” said an anonymous MAHS senior. 

Some had recommendations for their fellow students. 

“I recommend kids who are failing so they can get help and not be so distracted home, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If a student isn’t okay with being in one class all day and wearing a mask then they should just stay home since the semester is coming to an end,” said the same senior.

Prado also added “Yes, I feel like they will concentrate more and focus more than home. In home, they probably get distracted more. It will be better if more kids can go back to school.”